The Color of My Soul

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a dream. Her dream consisted of strong coffee, excessive sunshine, creating useful things, and getting her hands dirty on the daily. Unfortunately, the real world isn’t much on the plopping-dreams-into-your-lap, so this girl worked. She worked the days to pay the rent and the nights to make the dreams happen and slept a little in between. Luckily, coffee was the easy part.

So in coffee-fueled spurts of productivity, this girl started creating ceramic jewelry and buttons and selling it on Etsy in the hopes of building her business large enough to afford real studio space to do larger scale projects. Don’t you just love the idea of someone saying “my new dish set is entirely Ceramae Studios, I just love it!”??? I know this girl did… and I do, too. So join me in my adventure. It all starts in Denver, Colorado, land of sun and outdoor escapades in a studio apartment with a tiny kiln in the corner.

Keep up with me to learn how the ceramic process goes, what adventures I conquer, and some recipes that fuel the creative life (or non creative life, y’all gotta eat, too!).

And ps – Roll Tide.

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