5 Best Essential Oils for Your Mood

Recently it seems that essential oils are taking over! And I have to admit… I love it.

Not necessarily from a “there’s an essential oil to solve every problem I have” perspective, but more from a “boy that sure smells nice, I feel better” perspective. And even if I don’t wholeheartedly believe essential oils are the key to life, the universe, and everything, I do believe you get what you give, so the more you believe in them, the more they help you. It’s all in your mind. So with that grain of salt, I want to run through my favorite easily accessible essential oils to wear for your mood.

I’m not going to go into the various brands of oils you can buy in ANY detail, but I encourage you to do your research and determine what you value most in the oils. If you plan to use any internally or very regularly for topical use, it will be necessary to invest in the purest oils intended to be taken internally. Personally, I go for mid-grade oils to balance purity and cost because I primarily diffuse the oils. A small diffuser is great addition to any space, but my favorite way to use them is with a bracelet!

Here you can view the Essential Oil Hemp Bracelets on Etsy for the days when you’re feeling all natural. I love the way the stoneware clay contrasts with the lighter hemp, and the glazed back side protects me from any sensitivities. See?
Essential Oil Hemp and Ceramic Bracelet

But I also want to shout out to one of my absolute favorite makers – Nova Woods! She has this fantastic Essential Oil Tree of Life Necklace that is just the bomb.com.

Below, I’ve listed one oil for each purpose since these bracelets only use a drop or two, and this not only helps you stick to a budget, but helps prevent you from falling down the “I need them all” rabbit hole. 🙂

Here are 5 Essential Oils to Use When…

1. You’re Feeling Stressed

Lavender Field


As the most used essential oil in the world, this soothing smell is perfect for relaxing in every way. Lavender promotes a sense of calm, easing tension, and promoting good sleep in addition to supporting a healthy microbial balance in the body. Lavender can also be used to help sooth and lessen the appearance of skin irritations and blemishes. There are many varieties of lavender in the world but any
“standard” lavender will do, though French Lavender is also very popular.

2. You Need Motivation

Peppermint Plant


Peppermint is widely used in many forms as a pick-me-up and its essential oil is no different. It helps stimulate senses for a kick of energy in the afternoon slump, clears the airways for easier breathing, curbs your appetite, and can even provide relief from that nagging headache your coworker gave you. What’s even better? Peppermint Oil is naturally anti-bacterial and bugs – especially spiders – hate the stuff, helping rid you of all kinds of annoyances!

3. You Feel Crummy or Sick

Koala Eating Eucalyptus


Yep. That stoned-looking koala knows what’s up! Eucalyptus has a wide-ranging variety of health benefits from easing respiratory issues with its anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties, to a home remedy as a deodorant, antibacterial cleaning agent, or antiseptic for minor cuts, scrapes, or burns. It is also an invigorating pick-me-up through its cooling and refreshing effects.

4. You Need a Hug

Bergamot Fruit


Bergamot is a fantastic oil for any day you feel emotional unbalanced. It helps ease feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, and insecurity, and can cleanse not only your emotional baggage but your skin and a number of intestinal issues when taken orally. Diffuse a few drops on your jewelry to get a whiff of emotional stability throughout the day.

5. You Feel Frisky

Multi-colored Rose Petals


Roses are known as the symbol of love, and for good reason! Rose oil is known as an aphrodisiac, boosting the libido while simultaneously promoting romantic feelings. However, it has a myriad of other health benefits aside from encouraging sexual activity with your partner. This oil can also regulate hormone production, soothe stomach ailments, remove toxins, act as a tonic for your nerves, and encourage balance and good health to a number of other internal organs. While slightly less popular than the others mentioned here, it is worth adding to your essential oil repertoire.


What are your favorite oils that you’d recommend for beginners? Let us know in the comments below!



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