4 Ways to Display Wine Stoppers

Wine Cork Display

If you’re like my family, you probably have a number of wine corks saved in a drawer in your kitchen somewhere. If you’re also like my family, you’re not in love with this. These days there are wine corks of every shape, size, material, and purpose. They make a great gift and this means we often have multiple corks with some sort of meaning to us that really deserves better than “that” drawer. In this post, check out a few ways to decoratively display your wine corks as art instead of trinkets!


  1. Rustic Wood Cork Display
  2. Colorful Empty Bottles
  3. Candelabra
  4. Buy a Display

Rustic Wood Cork Display

Wooden Wine Cork Display

Now my wonderful and endlessly creative mother gets most credit for this idea. I say most because it’s dad who was given the task of cutting out a section of the tree.
This simple DIY only requires a few things:

  1. A chainsaw
  2. A drill
  3. Circular drill bit – about 3/4″ diameter
  4. A tree needing to be trimmed
  5. (Optional) Clear acrylic sealant
  6. Sandpaper

Step 1

After selecting a section of tree that is the size you would like your display to be and putting on proper safety equipment such as gloves and goggles, carefully cut out a section of the limb approximately 5-6″ thick.

Step 2

Next, using a pencil, determine how many corks you would like to fit on your section and mark where they will go. Use the drill to remove several holes out of the wooden section where marked.

Step 3

Lightly sand the top and bottom of your wooden slice to smooth out the surface and remove any splinters.

Step 4

(Optional) At this point, if you would like a shine to your wood and increase its longevity, you can paint it with a clear acrylic sealant and let cure per the sealant’s directions. Then you’re done!

My family chose not to seal our wooden slices, but it hasn’t shown any signs of age or discoloring. For rustic or farmhouse kitchens, this would be a great stylistic addition to your countertops!


Colorful Empty Bottles

Wine Bottle Display

If you have more counter space available, another easy display DIY is to gather old wine or liquor bottles of various colors to display your corks. I also use this display method when I attend art and craft shows!

There are many ways to remove the labels from used wine bottles, though I’ve found that certain bottles are easier than others. The easiest way I’ve found is to carefully pour very hot or boiling water into the bottle while it is sitting in the sink. I have a small HotShot water heater that does the trick well. Let it set with the water inside for a few minutes before carefully peeling off the label.

CAUTION: Always use an oven mitt or pad to keep from burning your hand on the hot glass!

Some residue will remain, but it can be easily scrubbed off with a mixture of vegetable oil and baking soda. And then a second scrub with regular dish soap to remove any residue left from the oil.


Vintage Candleabra

An interesting fact about wine corks is that they fit perfectly into most candle holders! This can be one of the most budget friendly answers since a trip to your local thrift store, yard sales, or Goodwill stores often have candle holders for mere change. To display multiple wine stoppers at once, consider using a candelabra for dramatic styling.


Buy a Display

Of course, if you don’t have the time to DIY something, there’s always the magical powers of the internet! Spend a little while searching for Wine Stopper Displays and you’ll see a variety of styles available already ready to ship. I’d like to encourage you to support handmade makers and small business, so search through Etsy before venturing into other avenues. My own searching revealed this adorable shelf version of a wine display by the shop Eagle Cap Creations. It holds a whole 10 corks at once!


These are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing! Comment below with your favorite option or other ideas to display wine stoppers in your home.

Have a great day!

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