Macrame Hemp Bracelet Bar DIY

Bracelet DIY

Happy New Year!
It was a busy holiday season and I think I barely survived! Back in December, I hosted my very first workshop at the wonderful Jackalope Indie Art Fair (hosted in both Pasadena, CA and Denver, CO twice a year!). Seven of my new friends joined me to create their very own Ceramic Bar Bracelet and I wanted to start the year off by sharing the steps with you!

The great thing about this DIY is that it can be adapted for many items such as buttons, pendants, seashells, and more! Anything with a hole on either side to anchor the strings could be used. Of course, if you’d like to follow along with the tutorial exactly, then you can hop over to my Etsy shop and purchase a kit that includes all of the materials that this post discusses.

I Want the Kit! Hemp Bracelet DIY

Hemp Bracelet DIY

Let’s get started by gathering our materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 strands of hemp twine measuring 35-40 inches
  • 1 Bead
  • 1 Ceramic Bar or Button
  • Tape or Clipboard

As I mentioned before, you can substitute the ceramic bar for a button or other item, and also use any hemp color or twine that you prefer! I’ve used blue, black, pink, red, and green hemp all with beautiful results.

Step 1: Lark’s Head Knot

Bracelet Step 2
Bracelet Step 3

Start by folding your first two strands of hemp at approximately 12″ and thread the fold through the top holes on one side of the ceramic bar and pull the ends through the loop created. Do this with the second strand of hemp in the same direction so that both of your shorter strands end up in the middle. Imagine that you are counting left to right horizontally, 1, 2, 3, 4, and the 2 & 3 strands will be short.

Repeat on the other side of your ceramic bar and anchor one set of strands to the clipboard or table with tape.

This knot is the beginning of just about every macrame project that hangs. It’s important that both sides are looped in the same direction (i.e. don’t thread through the front on one and from the back on the other), but you can loop from the bottom or top with fine results.

Step 2: Square Knot

Bracelet step 4
Bracelet step 5
Bracelet step 6

With four strands, take the rightmost strand (#4) across the top of the middle two (2 & 3). Loop the leftmost strand (#1) over this #4, behind the middle 2 & 3, and up through the loop made by the rightmost strand (#4) on the far side. Gently pull to tighten.

Bracelet step 7
Bracelet step 8
Bracelet step 9

Alternate this motion by taking the leftmost strand (#1) across the top of the middle 2 & 3, then loop the right hand string (#4) over the left one, behind the middle 2 & 3, and again through the loop created by the leftmost one (#1).

If you lose track of where you are, look for the side with the small vertical on it. If you end up with a second vertical behind it then you’ve done the same knot twice. The leading cord will be opposite of the vertical, so if you are starting with the left cord on top, you’ll be putting a vertical on the right. If you start with the right cord on top, you’re making a left side vertical.

Bracelet step 10

Repeat this alternating knot until there is 2.5-3 inches braided. Measure your progress against your wrist, you will want the braid to be the width of, or slightly shorter than, your wrist. When you are satisfied with its length, tie all 4 around themselves into a standard knot.

Step 3: Repeat Square Knot

Bracelet Step 11

Unclip the bracelet and affix the opposite side to the table or board. Repeat step two on the other side.

Step 4: Finish

Bracelet step 12

On one end, thread your bead onto the entire bunch of 4 strands. Double knot the end, leaving a small amount of space around the bead. You do knot (ha!) want it to be too tight or the loop won’t hold as well.

Bracelet step 13
Bracelet step 14

On the opposite end, leave enough space for your bead and loosely tie a knot. Check to ensure your bead will fit snugly through this loop and adjust if necessary before tightening completely. If you want an adjustable bracelet, you can tie two loops on the end. Trim both ends with scissors and voila!

Bar bracelet

Click the button below to download these instructions and pictures as a one page handout for easy reference.

Download PDF

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and were able to create a colorful and fun bracelet for yourself! The knots learned here are the basics for any macrame project from wall hangings, planters, pillows, and more!

For more (p)inspiration for your next project, check out my Macrame DIY Pinterest board with lots of interesting tutorials and ideas to take learning macrame even further!

Let me know if you enjoyed this DIY in the comments below!

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