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These herb markers are perfect gift for the aspiring gardener or chef in your life, ideal for indoor and counter top herb gardens. Using fresh herbs in home made meals can take it to a whole new level, and what better way to label them than with a unique, handmade item?

Though markers vary slightly due to the handmade nature, each measures about 6″ long and 1/2″ wide with an angled bottom.

The following herbs (with color) are included:
Thyme (teal)
Mint (mint)
Rosemary (pink)
Dill (yellow)
Parsley (aqua)
Basil (blue)

You’ll receive this set of 6 herb markers along with seed packets for each herb all packaged in a cute Ceramae gift box!

Great for birthdays, Mothers/Fathers day, and Christmas

Unglazed portion can discolor over time, but can be bleached or cleaned with warm soapy water and a bristled brush.
Additional markers can be created as desired, however please allow at minimum 2 full weeks for a custom request.

Each name stake is made by cutting the rectangular clay shape from a smooth slab, individually hand stamping the letters and allowing it to slowly dry before firing a first time. Then it was hand painted with the appropriate glaze on the top and within the letters before being fired again! The whole process takes a couple weeks to accomplish from beginning to end and results in a product with visible care put into its creation. Since the letters are filled with a glaze, the process leaves it with a light texturing on the top and sides giving a very modern rustic chic sort of look.

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